Thursday, July 16, 2009

Belt Creek Holds Its Own

The Belt Creek a few miles from Belt is still producing fish on a regular basis. I've caught 12-15 average sized trout over the past week and a half. What I like about this creek is that it's a 20 minute drive and I am able to get a decent three hours of fishing in after I get off work during the week. The fishing has mainly all been presented with dries with a little nymphing still working well. It's amazing to watch the action heat up around 8:00 with the fish rising like crazy.

It'll be like that up until 9:45 with the last bit of the days sunlight peaking over the horizon. Most of my fish are caught during this threshold of time, making the sight of my dry on the surface all that harder to see. Any rise, any splash and I'm setting the hook. Changing flies on a moments notice at dusk can be a daunting task all in its own!

The hatches have been sporatic lately. Little caddis, lots of tiny yellow PMD's, a few Hexagenia mayflies, and what looks to be golden stones in their shucks in the creek bed. Enough to keep em looking up!

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