Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catch of the Day!

Here is a beautifully hand crafted Juniper Trout I won with a winning bid at the 2009 Wine and Food Festival silent auction. As soon as I laid my eyes on the hand whittled wooden trout, I knew it was fate that it must be mine! I was outbid three times before I laid my final bid of $55.00 ( tag retailed at $80.00) with about 4 minutes remaining in the auction. I waited patiently as my eyes stared relentlessly at the clock as the seconds ticked down to final call. Three...Two...One... Sold! I chuckled to myself feeling humbled by my victory. The trout was now under new ownership as ideas of where I would show off this masterpiece in my home. On the mantle, on the wall? Where the fish is to reside is yet to be determined, I am just overwhelmed with a feeling of joy by how this object at each glance stirs up the feeling of reminiscing the way of the river and how it can hypnotize the mind. I am proud of my new purchase and dedicate this post to the masterful artist who created this work of art. Wherever you are good sir, I applaud you with gratitude for achieving the success of your trade!

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