Friday, March 6, 2009

New Fly Rod and Reel for 09 Season

After searching my heart out for the right priced and best overall amateur fly rod (turns out this rod is built for all levels) I finally felt content and overjoyed with purchasing the new 2009 model St. Croix Imperial 9' 5 wt 4 piece fly rod. With it's stunning glossy copper-like burgandy finish, lightweight, high-strain graphite fast action casting, hard chrome snake guides and a rosewood insert on the reel-seat, how could I have gone wrong with this beautiful American made work of art? Not only is this rod a marvel in it's own right, I feel it's the perfect fly rod for the beginning of a rekindled passion for fly fishing. And only to make things better, I have paired my rod with a discontinued 2008 Ross Rhythm 1.5 Copper reel. Not only does this reel have an exceptional anodized aluminum CNC milled finish, which compliments the glossy copper-like finish of the Imperial, but it's impeccable drag performace and gear aesthetics have all but gotten my reels spinning! Not a bad pairing for an amatuer who has a passion for the sport, for that much, the art of fly fishing. I am entralled for this year and the endeavers fly fishing has in store for me. I can't wait until that first cast, and the feeling of pure bliss the river gives back to me when I hook my first beautiful trout with with my newly purchased toy! Stay tuned as I take you along with me on my fly fishing adventures in 2009.

To view the beautiful rod and reel, use the links below:
Imperial Rod
Ross Rhythm Reel

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